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Connexus Living is a FREE service that helps managers cut through the vendor noise by centralizing the RFP process and provides a REVENUE SHARE back to owners to drive NOI.


  • Drives NOI by creating traditionally non-revenue generating contracts into revenue generating contracts
  • Creates an agnostic process to ensure compliance
  • Creates a scope of work library for corporate and each community at no cost
  • Gives insights into their spend with vendors at a local and regional level
  • Supplies the aggregate data from each area to ensure proper spending


  • Allows on-site teams time back in their day to focus on other revenue producing activities
  • Ensures corporate compliance by having an agnostic 3rd party company run their RFP’s
  • Helps reduce cost at each community that drives by NOI and EBITDA
  • Reduces the possibility of contracts going month to month


  • Reduces customer acquisition cost by placing suppliers into bids rather than the vendor going asset by asset to sell
  • Provides scalable technology for small to mid size suppliers Not a pay to play model.
  • Vendors only pay if they are awarded the bid. Helps local and regional suppliers foster rapport with owners and operators

How it Works

Return on time and increase NOI for Client

Revenue for ALL

Lower customer acquisition cost for Vendor

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Why it Works

Our platform automates all functionality to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.
Contract renewal date
Centralized proposal storage
Full bid analysis
Spend compared to others in the region SOW and Contract Storage


Connexus works with your Vendors and their own vetted Vendors to bid your Operational and/or Capital Expenses


  • Fitness, Nutrition, & Wellbeing
  • Pet Services
  • Residential & Commercial Events


  • Indoor & Outdoor Lockers
  • Package Rooms
  • Third-Party Delivery


  • Indoor & Outdoor Fitness Equipment
  • EV Charging Stations
  • Hardscaping and Many More!


  • Concierge & Front Desk
  • Janitorial & Unit Turns
  • Landscaping & Snow Removal and Many More!

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